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Matthew Odmark, Jars of Clay

“Nicks music has that something that time and time again draws me back. It reminds me of so much but not in the way that makes you dismiss or categorize… more the way you remember something you once knew a long long time ago but had recently forgot.”

Binky Philips, The Huffington Post

“Nick Heward has a voice that belongs on the radio.
Nick Heward writes songs that belong on the radio.
Nick Heward has a face that belongs on TV.
That’s my story, stickin’ to it!”

Shelly Yakus, Sound Engineer (John Lennon, U2, Tom Petty)

“Nick Heward has it all, strong writer, great singer with a cool sound and presentation and the look. If I just started a record label, Nick would be one of the first acts I would sign!”

Dennis D’Amico, Producer, (Paul McCartney)

“reminiscent of early Jackson Browne.”

Michael Terry, Scottsdale,AZ
” Nick Heward was probably the first musician I met here in AZ after I moved my studio from CT to AZ. I was riding my bike and he was unloading his car for a gig. I went to his gig that night to hear him play. I was so impressed by the whole package. His voice, his tunes, lyrics, and presence on stage. I invited him over to the studio to cut some of his tunes and every song he played me was a gem…… A producers dream….. A great artist, with great songs. “

Mike Florio /Music Biz Professional)

“Nick Heward is an exceptional song-writer with a graceful, pure tonality to his voice.”

Robert Lang, Engineer/Producer at Big Bug Sound, Phoenix, AZ

“The very first time I heard Nick Heward, I wanted to work with him. A friend had sent me a demo of Nick singing “Mary Jane” with just guitar and voice. That was all I needed to hear, and I was hooked right away. His voice was amazing and heartfelt, and he actually wrote thoughtful and poignant lyrics, something I don’t hear much of. Plus, melodies! (Does anybody write THOSE any more???) After talking and meeting with him, we started working together on his first album. I’m very proud to be the producer for “Love Me Til I’m Home”, a collection of great songs with strong melodies and lyrics, delivered by someone who really knows what singing should be. This album was a producer’s dream: ten solid tunes, and no filler. Looking forward to what the future holds for this talented singer/songwriter!