New Lonely Island Music Video! Aug07

New Lonely Island Music Video!...

Douglas Nottingham Remix Cinematography – Matthew Corbisiero...

Thankful Sounds at 3rd Space Jul21

Thankful Sounds at 3rd Space

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month. Aug. 12th 7:30pm with Special Guest Toby Milford Thankful Sounds is a monthly music event hosted by Nick Heward and Matt Linderman at Third Space in Central Phoenix. The aim is to bring people together, in a positive & welcoming environment and to invite various musicians and songwriters to share their...

Thankful Sounds at The Art Party Extravaganza Jul15

Thankful Sounds at The Art Party Extravaganza

Nick and Matt of Thankful Sounds will be performing at The Art Party Extravaganza. A short sampling from a few of the first Thankful Sounds events held at Third Space in downtown Phoenix. July 31st

Halloween House Concert Nov11

Halloween House Concert...

Nick Heward’s Halloween House Concert featured singer songwriters Raquel Denis, Ree Boado, AJ Rodriguez, and Noel D’Avy. Matt Linderman joined Nick on mandolin and bells. A musical candle lit garden experience.

The Howling Coyote Tour Aug12

The Howling Coyote Tour

    8.16 KRSH on air, Santa Rosa           Pyramid Brewery, Walnut Creek 8.17 Park Chalet, San Francisco 8.18 Russian River Brewery, Santa Rosa 8.21 Brixx, Petaluma 8.23 Downtown Joes, Napa 8.24 Hopmonk, Novato Nick Heward | Ricci Hardt | Jim Sobo

Father Tom Apr10

Father Tom

“I am the genius who values sleep Naps, comas, portals for peace I thought I was so smart I’m so sorry God I am just a stranger here Much like my Father Tom”

Please Forgive Me Apr10

Please Forgive Me

“When I was twenty-three, I came home from visiting some friends in Denver and found out that my mom was homeless and had checked into a Motel 6, which was the original name of the song,” Heward says. “It really broke my heart. That’s when I wrote ‘Please Forgive Me.’”

Crescent Ballroom Mar25

Crescent Ballroom

Nick Heward and Friends was at the Crescent Ballroom March 25, 2013.  The night opened with a Ree and David Boado performance that enlightened the crowd.  Following was Nick Heward and Friends, a talented group, consisting of Nick Heward, Jeff Farias, Scotty Spenner, Geo Bowman and Dan Petricino.

The Rhythm Room Mar22

The Rhythm Room

The musician’s of the March 22nd show at the Rhythm Room promoted the night with photos that were transformed into cartoons. Nick Heward, Mario Mendivil, Todd Chuba, Michael Terry, Jerry Donato, and Greg Varlotta know how to leave their mark on the audience.

The Rhythm Room Feb13

The Rhythm Room

Live at the Rhythm Room! Nick Heward and Friends opened the night with the lovely Tammy Patrick and musical guests. There was a collaboration of original and cover tunes that had the crowd clapping and dancing the night away. The impressive quartet by Nick Heward and Friends was a talented harmony from Nick Heward, Jeff Farias, Geo Bowman, and Scotty...

Rhythm Room Sep13

Rhythm Room

Nick Heward & The Elements of Style performed another incredible show at the Rhythm Room. The show featured talented musicians Nick Heward, Michael Terry, Mario Mendivil, Todd Chuba, and Adam Armijo.

Crescent Lounge Jun26

Crescent Lounge

Nick Heward invited Megyn Neff, Cody Gibson, and Tony King to join him in the Lounge at The Crescent Ballroom. The Waters-Krystal and Sturgis opened the night.