Weddings Jan16


Nick Heward would like to join you in celebrating your wedding. Contact Nick for more...

New Lonely Island Music Video! Aug07

New Lonely Island Music Video!...

Lonely Island was a song I wrote while working as a singer songwriter for a 12 step recovery program. The song is about being honest with yourself and the video is about how prayer is a starting point. Douglas Nottingham Remix Cinematography – Matthew Corbisiero...

Thankful Sounds at 3rd Space Jul21

Thankful Sounds at 3rd Space

I hope to do another one soon. For me, Thankful sounds is an opportunity to play music with my friends, make new friends, and sing some of my new songs.

Thankful Sounds at The Art Party Extravaganza Jul15

Thankful Sounds at The Art Party Extravaganza

Nick Heward and Matt Linderman of Thankful Sounds performed at The Art Party Extravaganza to support Rag Collection!

Halloween House Concert Nov11

Halloween House Concert...

Nick Heward’s Halloween House Concert featured singer songwriters Raquel Denis, Ree Boado, AJ Rodriguez, and Noel D’Avy. Matt Linderman joined Nick on mandolin and bells. A musical candle lit garden experience.

The Howling Coyote Tour Aug12

The Howling Coyote Tour

    8.16 KRSH on air, Santa Rosa           Pyramid Brewery, Walnut Creek 8.17 Park Chalet, San Francisco 8.18 Russian River Brewery, Santa Rosa 8.21 Brixx, Petaluma 8.23 Downtown Joes, Napa 8.24 Hopmonk, Novato Nick Heward | Ricci Hardt | Jim Sobo

Father Tom Apr10

Father Tom

Father Tom was a song I wrote about the Father I knew when I was 19. The way that I thought of him from the experiences we had growing up. It’s many years since I wrote the song but I remember waking up early in the morning at a friend’s apartment, feeling sick, and writing it...

Please Forgive Me Apr10

Please Forgive Me

When I was twenty-three, I came home from visiting some friends in Denver and found out that my mom was staying at a Motel 6. My sister and I grew up with a single mother and we helped each other out. I felt I had let my mom down. That’s when I wrote “Motel 6” and I later named the song “Please Forgive me.”